Stephanie Beavers always knew she wasn’t from the real world.  That was why she spent so much time daydreaming and living in various fantasy worlds created by others and herself.  Stephanie knew she was actually supposed  to have been born as a dragon or a cat – or at least someone who had magical abilities.  Now grown, she appreciates the beauties of the real world too, but saves herself from sanity by spending as much time in magical, or at least fictional, worlds as possible.

Stephanie shares her mind with a myriad of characters, most of them not human, and most of them possessing magic or special abilities.  When they get too loud inside her head, she writes them out or drowns them out by submersing herself in the fiction of others.  For those who love magic and adventure, she offers you an outlet so you can escape reality too.

Check out her first two books, Calling On Fire and Fire Within.  Stephanie also has a FREE short story, And The Wolves Danced, available to give you a taste of her writing!

Stephanie writes in the noblebright fantasy genre and is currently working on a new series, Burdens of Magic – stay tuned for more!

Connect with her on Twitter @St_Beavers or by email at StephanieNBeavers@gmail.com or follow her blog (here!)

She’s also just learning Goodreads.

And remember: Always be yourself. Unless you can be a dragon. Then always be a dragon.

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