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I have a confession. I have a Skittle addiction.

Well, really it’s more of a sugar/munchies addiction, but let’s face it, “Skittle” is a fun word and “Skittle addiction” sounds better than “snackaholic.” Maybe. Actually, “snackaholic” sounds pretty awesome too. Ahem. Anyways.

I love candy, and everyone who knows me, knows that, including people at work. I have earned the nickname “Squirrel” for the snacks I stash away, and also “Hummingbird” for the sheer amount of sugar I consume (ironically, not usually in liquid form, as I don’t drink pop). They are all familiar with me nibbling away on chocolate, skittles, other candies, and Tostitos.

No Skittles for me, thank you. -Nobody

Which brought me to an amusing thought. What if, while typing, every time I ate a bite of something, I had to type the word skittle? When I send invoices to customers, it would probably read something like this:

“Dear Mr. skittle Smith,

Please find you invoice skittle attached.

Thank you for skittle your business.

Stephanie skittle”

Or what about when I’m working on my manuscript?

“Vhi hovered behind skittle the thick trunk of a cottonwood, occasionally peeking around it at the village down the road. The village skittle looked to be a fairly humble one, with largely thatched roofs and accessed by a road that was more of a wide path of earth packed by feet and wooden wheels. Humble or no, each skittle glimpse of it drove her back into hiding behind the tree.”

Again, I may have a problem.

By the way, Orchard Skittles are the best variety of Skittles. Just sayin’.

Orchard Skittles are the best

So, dear readers, what’s your favorite kind of Skittles?