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Well, it’s about time I got this ball rolling. I confess, I’d planned to start blogging sooner than this, but life has a way of taking the reins away sometimes, doesn’t it? Step one of getting them back is realizing you’ve let them go, and thankfully I’ve reached that point. I’ve got a book to publish; it’s time to get to work!
Now I’m going to be as honest as possible – I find this whole blogging thing pretty scary. I’m not the type who is naturally inclined to spill my life on the internet. That being said, I want to create a connection with my audience, and to do that, I need to give first! As much as I might like to hide away like a little mouse, safe in my nest, all the new and exciting (and shiny!) things are out there in the wide, scary world.
So, now that life has calmed down (relatively speaking), I’m going to start blogging regularly. I know it’ll teach me a lot, and I hope to meet some awesome people! So please, if you even sorta want to comment, do! I’d love to hear from you.

Look for a new post next week!
See you then,

P.S. For your entertainment:
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