Now I know Thanksgiving is only happening right now for Canadians, but even so, Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve taken a moment to reflect on everything I have to be thankful for. To be honest, this is something I try to do every day. Gratitude is such a powerful thing, and I know it has done a great deal towards making me happier and even healthier. We all complain so much, but when I take a moment to realize all that I have and be thankful for it, it truly makes life better. Even when remembering bad things that happened, it helps to try to think of some way that some good may have come of that bad thing. It’s how I came to see the beauty in life. It’s how I hang onto hope, and it’s one of the ways I find happiness. So I’m taking this moment to say thank-you. Thank-you to anyone who reads this, and thank-you to everyone in my life.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!