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So I imagine most everyone is aware that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. What with all the advertisements and the general inundation of pink, red, hearts, and fanciful cupids, it’s difficult to miss.

Then again, maybe it could be missed. I mean, the inundation of hearts began back in January, right as the New Year’s celebrations were ending. Who’s to say that it couldn’t be quite easy to forget exactly which day Valentine’s Day is, given that every day seems to be Valentine’s day from January second to February fourteenth?


candy hearts

Valentine’s Day candy, mmm…

Regardless of whether or not you have a significant other to spend it with, I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day. If you’re coupled up, try not to put too much pressure on yourself, or your SO – you’re just people, not perfect, so celebrate that you’re together and don’t sweat the small stuff. Nothing has to be perfect, just enjoy what you have. And if you’re not coupled up, enjoy yourself anyways! You’re still awesome, so buy yourself some chocolate (or whatever goody you’re weak for) and hang with some of your other single friends (or rock a good book in a cozy blanket or some such).

Ignore the hoop-lah and the ridiculous commercialism and just enjoy yourself. Because isn’t that celebration is all about?

“Some pursue happiness… others create it.” – Unknown

Happy Valentine’s Day!