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So I stumbled across this article: Emoticons Are Reshaping Our Brains, We Now Process :-) As A Human Face

A study in Social Neuroscience posits that, since they were introduced two decades ago, emoticons have begun to actually reshape our brains—but only some emoticons.

By way of background: When a human views another human’s face—even if it’s upside-down—a particular part of the brain is activated.

…Before 1982 there would be no reason that ‘:-)’ would activate face sensitive areas of the cortex but now it does because we’ve learnt that this represents a face.

I personally go for no nose.

At any rate, there’s definitely something to this. I’ve used a startling array of emoticons since I discovered the internet, including (but not limited to): :) ;) :D ^_^ ^_~ o.o O.o :( :P >.< XD XP =^..^= and orz. ("orz" is a little guy kneeling on the ground pounding his head on the floor. Do you see it? DO YOU?)

How amazing are our brains that they can change and adapt like this?

Also, an amusing argument about smilies: Should Smilies Have Noses: The Great Emoticon Debate

So how about you? Are all my above emoticons familiar to you? Nose or no nose?