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Got a couple new articles for interested readers: The Psychology of Limitations: How and Why Constraints Can Make You More Creative and Six-Word Memoirs. I found the second article through the first, but it’s the second article I find the most fascinating.

Now, I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of short stories. I don’t like overly long and flowery things either, but I’ve simply never cared for short stories. With a few notable exceptions, they’re either boring or too short to properly flesh out a story. (This is my opinion. If you like short stories, more power to you. You probably like “deeper” literature than I.)

However, the notion of a six-word memoir struck a chord with me. This could be fun! To borrow their graphic:
six-word memoir
Go to the articles above for more.

Here’s mine: “I’d still rather be a dragon.”

What’s yours? You can come up with something real or fanciful or humorous – odds are, I won’t know the difference. ;)

P.S. Happy St Patrick’s Day!