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New Hybrid Car Runs On Air!

What does this world have tons of? Air! Talk about a renewable resource. Of course, it’s rarely as simple (or cheap) as it sounds. IFLS does a good job (as usual) of breaking down the science, so if you’re curious, take a read.

But sometimes I wonder if oil’s grasp on the world will ever loosen. There are all kinds of hybrid vehicles operating on different sources of energy out there, but it seems like they’re all just too expensive. The problem is this – they need infrastructure to be feasible. So do gasoline-powered vehicles, but since theirs is already in place, let’s face it, it’s “cheaper.” Like with electric cars, I see the plug-in problem here. How does one recharge without plugging in at some point, and where/how are we going to get the resources wide-spread enough for it to be feasible? It’s great to hear that hybrid technology is becoming (at least a bit) more cost-effective, but I have to wonder.

Are we waiting for an apocalypse to overhaul everything? :P

So what do you think? Will we be seeing a new kind of vehicle (not necessarily air-powered) widespread on our roads in the future? What form do you think they’ll take, if they do?

And where are our flying cars?