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Well, I’m back from Vegas! …And I totally forgot I didn’t have any ready for my blog. DOH.

But I had a really good time and saw lots of cool things. However, I did come to one conclusion: if you aren’t drunk or gambling, Vegas wasn’t designed for you. My boyfriend and I are neither, and we discovered how sore feet can get trying to hoof it through Vegas to see all the cool stuff to see. There is a lot.

For example:

mirage volcano eruption vegas

An erupting fountain. (The Mirage)

Bellagio Fountain Vegas

Dancing fountains. (This may look cool, but it’s nothing compared to watching the whole show.) (The Bellagio)

Rome Vegas Caesar's Palace statue fountain

Rome, inside Vegas! (Caesar’s Palace)

Shark Vegas Mandalay Bay Aquarium

A SHARK. (Mandalay Bay Aquarium, and possibly my favorite part of our vacation)

Luxor Vegas elevator art

It even looked cool inside the elevators! (The Luxor)

I’m pretty sure Vegas’s collective motto is “Go big or go home.” We also saw a couple really cool shows (Tournament of Kings and Penn & Teller). I also tried slot machines for the first time. I even came out 2 cents ahead!

A few Vegas tips:
Everyone is trying to sell you something. EVERYONE.
Taxis aren’t THAT overpriced, and your feet will thank you for it.
Food is expensive everywhere, so you might as well do the all-day buffet.