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So awhile ago I said I planned to do a few posts on my favorite authors. Now, that fell somewhat by the wayside for awhile, but I’ve finally gotten around to one! There are many wonderful things about this author’s books, but what inspires me about her writing is how beautiful it is. She has a way of storytelling that conjures the most vivid imagery.

In particular, I’m talking about her Firebringer Trilogy. It includes Birth of the Firebringer, Dark Moon, and The Son of Summer Stars.

I’m not usually one to pay any attention to endorsements on books, but when I was writing things, one on the back of Birth of the Firebringer caught my eye. Booklist says, “The language is poetic, with wonderful rhythm and sweeping images…. The world is a compelling one, and Jan is a dramatic hero.” Honestly, Booklist hit it on the head with that one.

The Firebringer Trilogy is about a unicorn prince named Jan as he grows from a rebellious colt to the prophesied leader destined to return them to their true homeland. The whole “unicorn” thing might make it sound like a chick flick, but it’s honestly not. There’s too much adventure and action, from battles with gryphons and wyverns, to capture by fierce enemies and struggles for freedom. The books have also always struck me as being very spiritual, but on a level that supports and propels the story rather than weighing it down.

The books are small, but honestly, the story is epic. If you want to be completely swept away into another world, I very much recommend these books.