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This Friendly Robot Could One Day Be Your Family’s Personal Assistant

Okay, so this is awesome. Jibo is coming.

Jibo is a social robot.

The physical equivalent of voice-command AI like Siri, Jibo will do stuff like search things in the internet and “look” at you when you talk. …At least they don’t seem to have human-looking faces. I’ve always agreed with Spooner on that one. Creeeeeeeeeepy.

Detective Del Spooner: Why do you give them faces? Try to friendly them all up, make them look more human.
-I, Robot

He’s supposed to come to market late 2015 for $550-$600, and apparently he’s to be crowd-funded.

Here’s a video about Jibo.

So what do you think? Creepy? Adorable? Useful? Sad?
Sure, it all seems sweet and innocent now… ;)