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Did you know this stuff about anger? I was fascinated.

The universal ‘anger face’: Each element makes you look physically stronger and more formidable
Apparently, the expression you make when you’re angry is universal. The same muscles act in the same way for everyone. Scientists have labeled this expression as a threat display. The reasoning is thus: those who are physically strong get their way more often, and your angry face changes the appearance of your face to imitate (or exaggerate) those facial features that we associate with those who are physically strong. So your angry face isn’t just scary because it means you’re angry, it also makes you more physically imposing.

Hulk Angry Face


Anger makes people want things more
So scientists conducted a study that indicated that anger motivated people to work harder to obtain something than they otherwise would have. After being exposed to subliminal messaging of various faces, people wanted items associated with angry faces more and worked harder for them. Perhaps even more interestingly? People had no idea that anger was behind their motivation.

…I wonder, does this tie into that strange, contrary desire to want something more if you’re told you can’t have it?

What are your thoughts? Know any cool facts about anger?