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Gecko-Style Climbing Pads Allow A Man To Climb A Glass Wall

Science has done it! We have invented a technology that will allow us to climb anything!*

*One day, maybe.


In actuality, they’ve created gecko-feet-inspired climbing pads that can allow you to scale a vertical glass wall. Want to imitate Spiderman? Invest in some of these.*

*I don’t know if these are or ever will be for sale.

IFLS explains the science behind it as simply and comprehensively as only IFLS can (see link above). Essentially, instead of using one large suction device (as they attempted in the past), they’re using a multitude of little ones. As we’ve discovered with science in the past, bigger isn’t always better.

Scientists hope that this technology will help astronauts in space in the future, although DARPA plans to give it to their soldiers.

So what do you think, readers? Want some gecko pads for some free climbing? Or would you rather stay on the ground like me?