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Everyone and everything is afraid of something.

For example, this water is afraid of this fancy new surface that scientists have developed (or is the surface afraid of the water?)

This cat is afraid of socks.

Me, I’m afraid of spiders. Cliche, I know, but they just have too many legs and they move all wrong… I like cool critters. I like seeing beauty in deadly predators. Wolves, bears, and big cats have incredible beauty and magnificence. Snakes are gorgeous in the own way. Even sharks have an impressive presence and an eerie grace in the water. But spiders? They’re just creepy. Ugly and creepy. I’m not a fan of any bugs, really, but spiders… *shudder* I will encourage spiders everywhere to gorge themselves on the other icky-crawlies of the bug world, but if they come within the same four walls that I currently occupy, or within a couple meters of me when outdoors, then it’s game on. Flyswatter time.

Note there are no pictures of spiders. I do not like spiders.

If I were to get serious about phobias and fears, I could admit much deeper things. But this is a blog. The internets.

I am also afraid of putting my hands inside an oven unprotected if the oven is on. Even if it has only just been turned on. I’m okay if I’ve got oven mitts on, but to reach in and grab something with pot-holders? No. Too much hand exposed. Tea towel? No. Stick something in a not-yet-warm oven without oven mitts? No. Oven mitts or it ain’t happening. It’s silly, sure. But no.

No Grumpy Cat


What about you, dear readers? What are you afraid of? What do you say NO to?