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What do you blog about when you’re too tired to think straight? I have been tired all week. Thankfully, I pre-wrote last week’s posts. But now this week is here. …Oi.

I wonder where that saying came from, to “think straight.” I mean, yes, logical progression does seem, metaphorically speaking, to be more straight than crooked. Is that was it means though? Logical thinking? It seems to refer to something broader than that, to me. What about when you “think outside the box?” Are you still thinking “straight” when you think outside the box? Thinking outside the box is often applauded, after all, just like thinking straight.

Maybe there are advantages to not thinking straight. What would it look like if we thought in zig-zags? Would it be creative? Nonsensical? Just plain loony? What about in circles? That seems negative, as one would never get anywhere. Like circular logic, which is argued to be self-defeating or even nonsensical in and of itself.

The more important question may be, is this product of my sleep-hungry brain making any sense at all? Are my words making any sense, straight, curved, or otherwise? Am I writing, as well as thinking, in wobbly lines? Regardless, this is all I have to offer today. And it’s only Monday. We’ll see what Thursday brings…