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So I was digging through some old stuff the other day and found a little excerpt of writing. I don’t know how long ago I wrote it, but it’s mildly amusing (if a little incomplete-feeling), so I thought I’d share it. Here goes:

“Fridges make noises when they run. They just do, and my family’s is no exception. I was lying in bed, and its pervasive hum filled my ears. Now, normally refrigerator humming isn’t my first choice of music, but recall that it was bedtime, so I was supposed to be sleeping. But tonight the fridge sounded different. It sounded strange. It sounded like an alien tractor beam.

Normally its tone was largely monotonous; tonight it slid between two tones: “wo-wo-wo-wo-wo.” I became convinced that our fridge had been abducted. It had been abducted, experimented on, and then returned without our ever having realized it had gone missing. While abducted, it had been implanted with malevolent sentience: our fridge was going to kill us all. That sound was the preparation of the tractor beam. As soon as we fell asleep, it would draw the first person inside. Once inside, one could claw and scream without ever being heard; death would be slow, by hypothermia.

It was up to me to remain vigilant; up to me to guard against this seemingly innocent kitchen appliance. No one else would suspect, but I knew: it had betrayed itself by warming the tractor beam too early.”

So there you have it, just a silly little snippet of writing, a tangent spurred by my environment.

What, I thought you wanted to know where writers got their ideas from?

evil killer fridge