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We Could Have Lasers More Powerful Than Exploding Stars In Just 5 Years (IFLS)

Scientists have been playing with lasers again. They’ve figured out how to create matter/antimatter collisions, which sparks bursts of gamma rays.

Yes, you read me right: gamma rays.

Gamma ray bursts are a powerful explosion of energy that are emitted from extremely massive, energetic stellar objects, like black holes or exploding stars.

Hasn’t anyone seen the Hulk? You know, big, green, angry, and unstoppable?

But it gets better.

Perplexingly, no one knows which mechanisms are responsible for GRBs

So we can create these gamma ray bursts, but we don’t know why what we’re doing causes them.

Sounds perfectly safe.

Now, don’t get me wrong, lasers are awesome. I love lasers as much as the next sci-fi fan. But this sounds… unsafe. Since we’re playing with energies in the leagues of “black holes and exploding stars,” maybe we should conduct these studies, you know, off-planet? Or in another galaxy altogether? Just saying.

Then again…

If we don’t pursue science, how will we ever get sharks with lasers on their heads?