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…at detecting cancer, studies suggest.

Cancer-Detecting Dog Trials Approved By The NHS

Studies are suggesting that dogs may be better at detecting cancer than many of the tests we use to screen patients, so now the National Health Service in the UK has authorized dogs to be used in trials to detect prostate cancer.

surprised dog detects cancer


Humanity is always trying to advance, and it seems like more and more, advancement is only coming when we realize that nature is already doing – and doing well! – what we’re trying to do. We study birds and insects to make better flying machines. And now we’re using animals themselves in medical tests to detect an illness.

I think this is amazing progress. After all, why reinvent the wheel? Additionally, studies have also shown that being around animals can aid healing regardless.

Check out the article for more of the scientific details – as always, IFLS does a wonderful job of breaking it down.