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No really. This blog is about bear poop.

Norwegian Hikers Encouraged To Collect Bear Poop

So scientists in Norway want to know more about their bears, so they’re encouraging hikers to pick up bear poop and send it to them for analysis.

Don’t believe me? Check out this pamphlet.

In my experience, people don’t know much about bears. So here are some tips.

Yes, they’re cute, but don’t hug them.

cuddly brown bear

But I want a huuuuuuuug!

Don’t poke them with sticks, either.

brown bear

But according to those crazy Norwegians, you should follow them around and collect their poop.

Seriously though, this information is important for conservation efforts, but if you happen to be roaming the Scandinavian countryside, pick up some poop and take it to the nearest poop-collection station.