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Click here for an amazing page of incredible art and masterful portrayals of expression to convey a humorous and enjoyable webcomic page about a child’s first art critique.

Seriously though, it’s amazing.

I love it. It’s relatable to anyone who has ever been a neophyte at anything. We create this thing that we think is amazing, take it to the seasoned veteran for appraisal, and…

Well, hopeful our first critiques weren’t that bad (although some are bound to be), but we’ll catch the gist (maybe), while not really understanding much, and if we’re blessed, we’ll take it constructively, laugh, and do better next time. And our mentors, while strict, will secretly smile at our successes and urge us to do better.

Lackadaisy cats webcomic

And while you’re at it, check out the rest of Lackadaisy Cats, ’cause it’s awesome.