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I seem to recall writing about super-plants taking over the world once before…oh yes, I For One Welcome Our Vegetal Overlords.

So you know, we are bringing our vegetal overlords into being: Scientists Develop World’s First Cyber Plant.

The scientists on this project say:

This technology could allow scientists to regulate growth and chemical processes in plants, as well as harness photosynthesis to create new solar cells.

Oh course, it could also help our vegetal overlords reach new heights. Cyborg humans? Boring. Thing of the past. Cyborg plants? Plague of the future.

Seriously though, the article is cool and you should read it. The possibilities are vast, from learning more about plants and how they work, to turning plants into digital displays.

What do you think, readers? Seriously cool, or seriously another step towards the apocalypse? What’s next in the rise of our vegetal overlords?