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Military Wound-Dressing Device Approved For Civil Use

Medical advances are always exciting, whether it’s soothing a minor ill or taking a step towards curing a major disease. We all want to feel better and live longer. And this one is pretty cool.

The XSTAT Rapid Hemostasis System is a wound-dressing device that can be used to save a victim in an emergency. The device releases sponges that expand in a wound and help stop bleeding – very useful for gunshot victims. The device was designed for the battlefield, but there are plenty of first-aid applications in the civilian world too. This device can buy a victim the most precious commodity in an emergency – time. Time to get somewhere where there is proper medical treatment. After all, first-aid only goes so far.

Non-absorbable, expandable, hemostatic sponge for temporary internal use.

So okay, it’s not really Wound-Be-Gone, but since magic doesn’t exist outside fiction and science hasn’t yet achieved the wonders of science fiction, it’s a step in the right direction.

And it’ll still save lives along the way.