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There Will be A Full Moon On Christmas Day For The First Time In 38 Years
Enormous Asteroid Will Zip Past Earth On Christmas Eve
“Santa’s Sleigh” Will Be Visible On Christmas Eve
A Christmas Comet To Be Seen From Dark Skies

This Christmas is set to be busy up in space!

Christmas this year will see a full Moon for the first time in 38 years – and in an odd cosmic coincidence, the last time we had one on Christmas was the year Star Wars: A New Hope was released (1977).
…The next full Moon on Christmas will appear in 2034, so you can probably hope for Star Wars: Episode 10 around then.

Folks in the UK will be lucky to see the International Space Station on Christmas Eve – light from the sun will bounce off it, making it visible on Earth. Another space object will share the sky – a 1-2km diameter asteroid is set to fly past Earth. It’ll be moving at approximately 8km per second and only 11 million km away.

Last but not least, this month and into January, Comet Lovejoy will be visible to the naked eye. Head somewhere away from city lights and maybe you’ll spot it!

For some people, observing and studying space can be a source of awe at the universe. For others, it makes them feel tiny. This month, it’s all about the Christmas cheer.

Doctor Who Christmas Special

And, of course, don’t forget the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Every Christmas! :D