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Thanks to Bored Panda for 14+ Cats Ready For Valentine’s Day.

#1 Love Hurts
Romeo and Juliet kitties

#2 Perfect Date
Movie date kitty couple

#3 These cats were cuddling in the shape of a heart
Heart cuddling cats

#4 Lovely Couple
Heart tails

#5 Yeah, nice… Who invented knocking on doors?

#6 Cat Love
Hanging with kitties in love

#7 Wife won’t let her husband leave for the business trip
Actually a cat attack

#8 Two mommy cats co-mothering the 8 kittens that they had at the same time together
So many kittens

#9 Symmetrical kitten love
cute kitten heart

#10 Dinner for two, please
A romantic dinner for cats

#11 Could you take a picture of us, ma’am?
cats posing

#12 Hello, dear, how was your day?
cat greeting

#13 A secret date
dangling kitty

#14 Sunday movies and chill
cuddling snuggling

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s day (or at least enjoyed these kitties as much as I did)!