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In response to some of the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, here are some hot/sleepy/randomly passed out dogs, compliments of TheTango.Net.
tired corgi

asleep husky puppies

labrador puppy sleeping

faceplant dog

dreaming of flying dog

uncomfortably asleep doggie

tongue loll doggy

Dead? dog

puppy loves his food

passed out dog

puppy asleep on armrest

face in shoe

stretched asleep

Puppy thinks he's people sitting like that

Puppy is strapped in and ready to go...asleep

Yoga dog?

That can't be comfortable

Not appreciating the view, too busy sleeping

Pet my belly until I'm asleep. You don't need to work. Really.

Sleeping dog

Do you have a favorite, readers? I like “Yoga Dog” with his feet in the air.