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I’m one of those people. Yes, one of those people. The one who’s always cold. It will be crazy hot outside (say, mid-thirties Celsius – mid-nineties to you Americans), and I will be packing a sweater around because the second I step foot inside, I know I’ll be freezing. ‘Cause y’all have the AC on too much.

So while the below video is a very humorous portrayal of this trait divided across gender lines, I take it to new heights. The other women laugh at the fleece blanket that I cuddle up in while they’re complaining about the heat.

So ladies, take pity on me, because if you feel like the ladies in the video, imagine how it must be for me; when you’re warming up, I’m still cold.

How is it for you, readers? Are you like me, always cold, or like the guys, laughing at the cold people?