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WOW, has life ever been crazy! It feels great to be busy, but after my little stretch of tedious unemployment, it’s a little tiring. My first week at my new job went great though, and although I know I still have a huge learning curve ahead of me, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m an administrative assistant in an accounting office, so I’ve finally broken out of the retail industry and into something I actually want to do!

In other news, my first novel is off to the editor! I’m very excited, although I know what with scheduling times and holidays and everything, it will be a while before I get it back even from the first pass. Still, progress is being made! Plus, once the first edits are done I’ll be able to get my blurb all refined and everything so I can get into cover creation too. I think I’ve found a good company to do my cover, but I’m still doing research, so we’ll see! I’m hoping to release Book 1 in early 2014, but that’s a tentative estimate only. With my new job, I won’t have the same amount of dedicated time to throw at this project, although obviously I’m still quite driven to get it done!

Just a reminder, in case anyone missed it, my short story is now up, posted for free for all to read! No strings attached! You can also find it (also free) at Smashwords if you prefer downloading it onto your e-reader.