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Happy Boxing Day! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and is lazing off a food coma (or burning it off with shopping). I know I’m getting a couple days to unwind before it’s back to work.
But what did everyone get for Christmas? I hope it was what you wanted – or even better, something you didn’t know you wanted. I did! I got some Doctor Who themed salt and pepper shakers. :)

But does anyone want to look back to Christmases past? The 90s were a good decade…
Maybe you had kids in the 90s. Or maybe you WERE a kid in the 90s (like me). I know that I thought this was incredibly nostalgic and amusing:
The Top 30 Most Awesome Toys You Could Get for Christmas in the ’90s
I personally had 11 of the 30 listed at some point. However, I was familiar with most of the list – even if I didn’t have one, one of my friends or relatives did. Oh Furbies…
Lisa Frank, anyone?

Lisa Frank polar bear and penguins