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Well, this is it. Christmas is over, and the new year is almost upon us. I know a lot of people do the whole New Year’s Resolutions thing, but I’ve never been big on it. I know this year I will publish my first book, but other than that… meh. To me, self-improvement and setting goals is an ongoing thing. It is isn’t something I do once a year and not the rest (although I realize that for some people it’s simply a reminder). I’ve also never been big on set deadlines, so I simply work hard at something until it’s done. I want it done right more than I want it done on time.

That being said, there is something exciting about the concept of a new year. So here’s to the coming new year!


As for my general goals, there are some things I want to work towards. First and foremost, I want to publish my two novels. I want to write more, too. I’ve been neglecting my writing lately in favor of publishing and other life stuff. I also want to stabilize my work position (it’s been… interesting, to say the least), and I want to eat better and exercise more.

But how about you, my fine readers? Any resolutions?