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So here’s an interesting article for you:
Why Do 16th-Century Manuscripts Show Cats With Flaming Backpacks?

Since we have a tiny shred of faith left in humanity, someone decided to write this article to destroy it. Apparently setting cats on fire has been a historical tactic in war. You can read the article for an in-depth explanation and lots of pretty pictures, but I’ll boil it down here.

Some sick mind decided that cats would be the perfect arsonists; simply strap an something to the animals, set it on fire, and send it into a besieged city to smoke out the occupants. Worse, this was not an isolated incident in history. Different leaders, even in different countries, have used this tactic. And while cats seem to be the animal of choice for this tactic, other animals were used too (like pigeons).

cutest kitten

You want to do what to me?

The Russians even trained dogs to carry explosives under tanks and then detonated them to destroy the German tanks.

Now, I’m not a huge animal rights activist, but I believe how we treat animals matters – at the absolute least, it’s a reflection of ourselves and our character. And using animals like this doesn’t say much about us. I share this because we should learn from our pasts.