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Direct Brain-To-Brain Communication Used in Humans (IFLS)
The Science Daily Press release on the same subject

It’s true. Human beings have now exchanged thoughts. What’s more, they did with 8,000 kilometers separating them. On one end, they read the brain activity of one person and transmitted it to the brain of the second person. The communication was very simple, and it had a small margin of error. This stuff may be small-scale, but it’s proof that it’s possible.

cyborg art

So the question is, is this where we’re headed? We can speak metaphorically about “living in the internet” and being cyborgs because we can’t put our phones down or leave our computers, but will we literally become cyborgs, with our computers in our heads?

Honestly, I find this terribly exciting, but I know I’m often an optimist about new technology. There are scary aspects to this kind of technology too. Are we also looking at the future of mind control?

So what do you think, readers? Where could this technology take us?