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So. This is a thing, and it’s awesome:

Really? REALLY?! I mean, I know someone who knows how to use a katana in the Japanese sword style, but this is actually looking to turn medieval longsword fighting into a sport.

Did I mention that’s awesome?

I feel like this is something I should learn. I mean, I’ve looked into the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) before, but they were always a little too hardcore into the historical aspects of it. I’m a fantasy author. I’m not there for the history. I’m there for armor and swords and archery and the cool stuff. Preferably with magic, too. (And yet I was never interested in LARPing either… *shrug*)

But this… is this something I could do?

Honestly, probably not. I’m tiny and out of shape and rarely into any physical activities. All my favorite things to do happen here in front of the computer. Oops…

Still, I’m looking into it. Turns out there’s one in my city (I just Googled my town and longsword).

What do you think, readers? Cool or geeky? Or both? Would you give it a go?