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3D Printing. We’ve basically all heard about it; people make their own toys and jewelry and knickknacks. But now, the technology is progressing to a new level. A little tweaking is required yet for most of these, but still. (If you just want to learn a little more about 3D printing in general, this is a nice overview.)
How would you like a 3D printed saxophone?

3D print flute music

Or flute?

No? How about a castle?
3D printed concrete castle

The 3D printed concrete castle

What about a gun?

That last, of course, is the most controversial. We’re all for 3D printing low-cost housing or making cheap toys, but GUNS? Once again, we have a piece of technology that’s truly wonderful but has some (at the very least) controversial implications and possibilities.

I kinda want one.

What do you think, readers?