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Well folks, I have some exciting news. Calling On Fire is going to be released soon! We’re in the final stages of editing, and most everything else is prepared as well, so the ebook should be released this month! Now, because publishing is complicated, I’ll be taking a bit longer to get the print version out, but I’m still hoping for next month, before Christmas. As you might imagine, I am insanely excited for this! Weeeeeee!

But really, who can believe it’s November already? I know I can’t. My life has been so consumed by mundane things, it’s difficult to swallow. I’ve been trying to get business cards made (shouldn’t be this complicated…), I’ve been trying to eat better, and I’m already trying to brainstorm Christmas presents. XD Halloween was fun (I hope you all had fun too!). I forgot to take pictures, but I mocked up what I have finished so far on my scale-mail costume into something that I thought was passable. I must admit, however, that wearing it for a few hours definitely pointed out a few design flaws (yeah… need to protect bare skin under the gauntlets… ouch!)

Sorry for the short update! Have a great day!

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