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I have some insanely exciting news! (As in I nearly went insane making it happen and now I’m so excited I’m like a chipmunk on a sugar rush. XD)

Calling On Fire is now available!

FireTwo brothers with magical abilities seek to stop an evil mage but find the fate of an entire race in their hands.

For now, the novel is only available in ebook form, but I’m working hard to get it printed as well!

You can buy the ebook here:
Amazon.com | Amazon.ca | Smashwords |
Multiple formats are available through Smashwords. Other retailers will become available as Smashwords distributes them.

Novel description:

For centuries, the evil mage Moloch carved out a swathe of destruction, creative in his use of torture, oppression, and outright slaughter. Families, towns, and even whole kingdoms fell before him. But in one village, one boy survived.

Esset’s adopted brother Toman is that boy. Scarred by the tragedy, the two boys swore to stomp out evil when they grew up.

Now adults, they travel the world, seeking out evil wherever it may lurk. Esset can summon fiery creatures from beyond their world, and Toman can make inanimate objects come to life. Together, they look forward to the day that they’re strong enough to take on Moloch himself.

With every battle they grow stronger, but Moloch’s reach is greater than they imagined, and his minions lurk in the most unexpected places. If Toman and Esset can only barely survive the battles against Moloch’s creatures, how can they hope to stand against the mage himself?

Will they be strong enough to defeat him, or will Esset have to choose between his promise to end evil… and his own life?