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Well, time for a general update. I am planning on getting the next book, Fire Within, published this year (the sooner the better!) Edits are underway, and I’m hoping this book will take far less time than the last.

That being said, it’s already looking like this year is going to bring a lot of life changes for me. Some changes will be good, many are unknown, and some are less desirable. Writing, working, and playing all need to be balanced for life to go on in a sustainable fashion. Such is true for all of us, and as much as I wish things were a little more stable, I know I’m still incredibly blessed. In the meantime, it’s back to hunting for that day job to pay the bills until my writing pays off.

Now, I’ve never been one much for New Year’s Resolutions. Not officially, anyways. Life is a constant journey towards self-betterment, and although the reminder (in the form of the new year) is nice, the whole thing has become a little too cliche for me. I have my goals and I work towards them. I don’t need a formal list.

prayer new year's resolutions list

But what about you, dear readers? Do you do resolutions? I know some people really like them! Any big changes coming for you? Share in the comments!