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At least, it works for kitties.

This IFLS article asks, Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much? Well, someone did a study. No, really.

As it turns out, hiding in boxes reduces stress and anxiety in new cats in animal shelters.

Now it was a small study, but are we really surprised? If you were suddenly stuffed into a prison full of strangers, wouldn’t you rather have some kind of divider between you and the rest of the world to help control interaction with said strangers? Well, this study confirmed this for cats too. In the study, some new cats got boxes, some didn’t. Surprise, surprise, the “boxed” cats were less stressed out about their new surroundings.

cat in box

I imagine play time was more fun too.

pew pew cat box

Pew pew!

What the study doesn’t explain is the cat trap concept.

cats in boxes cat traps

It even works on big kitties.

Jaguar in a box

I imagine there’s a reasonable explanation. So dear readers, why do you think cats like boxes so much?