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I know it’s a little late, but Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you rocked it solo or spent it with someone (or someones), I hope you had a grand time and ate lots of chocolate. After all, it IS one of the “Chocolate Holidays.” Valentine’s, Easter, and Halloween (and, to a lesser extent, Christmas) are all chocolate holidays. They’re all holidays that are, regardless of anything else happening, wonderful because they’re excuses to eat scads of chocolate and/or candy. Wonderful sweets litter the stores, just begging to be sampled.

Valentine's Day candy hearts

‘Scuse me while I go romance this candy.

I know break-ups spike around Valentine’s Day, but at least there’s lots of chocolate to console all the sad people. Could they have planned it better?

chocolate heart box

Flying solo this Valentine’s? Worry not, there’s plenty of chocolate to go around.

Or maybe you like healthier Valentine’s treats.

strawberry hearts

So if you find you’re bummed by the commercialism or the pressure or because you have no beau, just change your mindset.

Mmmmm, Valentine’s Day. Yum.