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Breakfast is serious business. Just ask my boyfriend.

Every Sunday I get dragged out of bed (too early, in my opinion), to go eat breakfast at DeDutch. My boyfriend will literally bounce on the bed to get me up. (For the record, I love going to breakfast, just not that early.)

DeDutch serves many wonderful foods. I LOVE their tosties. They’re like grilled cheese sandwiches except full of awesome instead of just cheddar cheese. I like the spinach and feta with caramelized mushrooms and aoli sauce (I may be getting the name of the sauce wrong, but it’s super tasty). There’s also blueberry, brie and red onion (a bizarre but wonderful combination) and my other standby, the ham, edam, and pineapple tostie. They also have regular breakfast platters and something called a hashboat – hashbrowns mixed with cheese, hollandaise, mushrooms, and onions. Oh, and they all come with a little fruit bowl on the side. Mmmm…

Now while I mix things up, my boyfriend always gets the same thing: Canuck toast. More traditionally known as French toast, with bacon, eggs, and a side of hashbrowns.

Last Sunday, they changed the hashbrowns. I haven’t stopped hearing about it since.

The old hashrbowns were tiny little cubes. The new ones are large chunks of potato. My boyfriend has taken affront to this change.

Strongly-worded letters have been sent to the DeDutch head office since we learned that this abominable change was instigated on their order, not on the local level.

So please, show your support and also send letters to dedutch@dedutch.com, protesting the change from hashbrowns to potato chunks. Do it for me, and for all women who have to listen to their men when there’s a menu change on their favorite food.

Save the hashbrowns.