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I’ve always been fascinated by origami. I mean, you can take a piece of paper – ANY piece of paper – and turn it into a three-dimensional creature solely by folding that piece of paper. How awesome is that? Who came up with that idea? “Gosh, I’m bored and all I have is this piece of paper. I know, I’ll fold it until it looks like a bird.” Really?

Now, I can do a bit of origami myself:

Origami dragon

My origami dragon. Of COURSE I can make a dragon.

origami flower lotus

The most complicated origami I can do. Still amateur level, trust me.

The problem with origami, however, is that it comes in three difficulties: easy, medium, and epically difficult. For example, compare the above to the below:
origami master of awesomeness
Now, I don’t know if this guy follows the “rules” of traditional origami (no cutting, gluing, etc, just folding), but who cares? This is awesome. And I will never be able to create anything close to these even WITH cutting, gluing, etc. Dinosaurs, skeletons, insects (centipedes!), angels, he does it all. Want to see? Check out his Flickr.
Btw, here’s HIS dragon:
origami dragon
My favorite? Probably this one:
origami angel

So readers, have you ever tried origami? Do you just make cranes? (Love cranes. Especially the ones with flapping wings.) Or are you an origami god like this guy? Or would you rather see the fruits of others’ paper-folding labors? Comment!