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BC Ferries’ Name Contest Backfires

So some genius at BC Ferries decided that it was a good idea to open up the naming of their new ferry to the internet.

Poor, naive soul.

BC Ferry names

BC Ferries are expensive, for those of you who don’t know.

The internet is a cruel – but often hilarious – place.

Add the two together, and you get a list of names that BC Ferries would be unlikely to use. For example:

Spirit of the WalletSucker
Queen of the Overpriced
MV Corporate Pork
Queen of No Other Choice
Queen of the Cash Cow
The Christy Clark Ark
Incompetence Afloat

“S.S. ShouldveBeenABridge” is my personal favorite.

I hope you learned your lesson, BC Ferries. Unless you’re very, very confident in your popularity…don’t ask the internet.