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Almost a year ago, I wrote a post called The Blood Countess was right… sort of. It was spurred by news of the scientific discovery that young blood injected into older mice had rejuvenating effects on the old mice. Well, this research is still going on.

IFLS reports that Blocking “Pro-Aging” Molecule Could Reverse Memory Loss.

It would be interesting if transplanting young blood ever became reality for humans. In fact, it sounds like a good premise for a dystopic novel. There’s already a shortage of donated blood in hospitals. What if blood also became a luxury commodity? I can imagine a black market for blood. People could be kidnapped and/or killed for their blood. But maybe then there might be blood “donor” clinics where you could be paid for your blood. Certain lucky people of rare blood types might get paid more than people of more common blood types. If anyone wants to use this idea, go for it (although I wouldn’t mind a shout out. ;)

blood cells science youth aging reversal

I am excited about this as a scientific advancement though. I’m all for reducing the awfulness of aging. Prolonging life indefinitely would obviously have some severe consequences as well (not the least of which would be overpopulation), but if lifespans were around the same length but with less suffering? That sounds amazing.

What do you think, readers?