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Did you hear? A new study is showing that Swapping Young Blood for Old Reverses Aging. Essentially, scientists injected the blood of younger mice into elderly mice, and found that many age-related infirmities were reversed. Scientists have high hopes that this discovery could be used on humans to similar effect, especially when it comes to Alzheimer’s and heart enlargement.

We’ll have to recruit vampire cats to kill all the vampire mice that are sure to be bred through this program.

This is awesome, but didn’t someone already discover this? Ah yes, the Blood Countess. She was the most prolific female serial killer in history, and she bathed in the blood of virgins to keep herself young. Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed and four collaborators were convicted for the murder and torture of 80 different girls, but accusations ran as high as 650.

…Okay, so the staying young and even the bathing in virgin blood thing were never actually proven, but still. Does this sound like a coincidence to you? ;)