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IFLS just did an article on some new, science fiction-y technology headed out way. Some scientists have invented a “small handheld ultrasonic emitter that accelerates tissue repair…healing times could be reduced by 30%. This both increases comfort for the patient and shortens how long the wound is susceptible to infection.”

ray gun healing medical technology

Probably not what it looks like.

This is way cool. IFLS compares the invention to Star Trek’s medical ray gun, although of course that instrument provides instantaneous healing (methinks we’re a ways off from that yet). Essentially, this device reinvigorates cells and “jump starts” the healing process. As the article explains, “[t]he ultrasound device works by inducing nano-vibrations in the membranes and surrounding environments of skin cells.” The scientists are very optimistic about various uses for ultrasound technology in the future.

There was an interesting tie-in when IFLS asked (and partially answered) Why Do Cats Purr?

“Vibrations in the body have been shown to promote healing.

This raises the fascinating possibility that purring is actually a way for cats to heal themselves. While ultrasound has been shown to accelerate skin healing, and high frequency vibration training increases muscle power, some suggest that a cat’s purring can help to increase its bone density. This would fit the idea that athletes have denser bones on average as a result of vibrations when their feet hit the floor during exercise.

With such sedentary life styles, it might actually make sense that cats would need to increase healing and bone density while effectively lounging around for most of the day. It would also explain why cats purr when sick or injured.”

So it looks like cats are one step ahead of us. Also, apparently purring is a superpower. It would certainly be an interesting superpower. Someone needs to write this superpower into a book! Wait! I know a writer!

And, just because, here’s a nine hour video of a cat purring:

For your health! You’re welcome.