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First, let me apologize for missing my Thursday post last week. I admit that I totally forgot. But I think it’s understandable, as my boyfriend proposed on Thursday! We are now ecstatically engaged and looking forward to our lives together. :D

And no, we’re not going to have an alpaca witness our wedding.

And since I’m in a particularly lovey-dovey mood, allow me to introduce: THE KITTEN LIBRARY!

Las Cruces, New Mexico, has a “library” where you can “check out” a kitten for a day. At the Dona Ana County office building, workers can pet and play with kittens in need of homes. Not-so-coincidentally, many of those kittens end up going home (and staying!) too.

kitten adorable love me take me home

Credited with a brief loss of productivity but a spike in job satisfaction and stress-reduction, I think a cat library is a brilliant idea. We should install one on every corner.

It’s great for the cats, too. Just think of all the kitties who have found new homes! Before you know it, kittens will be like Pringles – you can’t have just one.

Supporting fewer strays and more kitten cuddles, we need more kitten libraries!

What about you, dear readers? Do you advocate a kitten library in your hometown?