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…Or at least we haven’t bred as many deformities into them yet.

Cunning Cats Forced Dogs To Evolve… Or Go Extinct
IFLS wrote the above article, summarizing how when cats came to North America, their superior predatory skills forced the dogs already living there to either adapt and improve or go extinct. Both cats and dogs are powerful predators and exclusive carnivores, so in the wild, they’re in direct competition with one another. Scientists compare this extinction/adaptation result to be on par with what you see from drastic climate changes.
Victory cat
Nature has always done a pretty good job of keeping things balanced. Then, along came humans…
Dogs are their primary victims. I know lots of people like the various breeds, like pugs and bulldogs, but the truth it, they’re being bred into helplessness. We’re exaggerating traits for aesthetic effects (and frequently inbreeding them in the process), and this is having a detrimental effect on their health and well-being. Wanna see the worst of them?
Hercules the one eyed dog

Yoda the world's ugliest dog

Of course, cats have suffered from our tampering too…
ugly inbred tiger cat

Don’t get me started on those short-legged cats they’ve been breeding… Animals are beautiful the way they are. A little selective breeding is fine (great, even!) but when it causes health problems and other detrimental side effects? I disagree with that path.

Oh yes, and cats rule, dogs drool. ;)

What do you think, readers?