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Leave it to humanity to have two opposing news articles on the same day: one to help humanity live longer, and the other, shorter. Licensed Diabetes Drug Could Dramatically Increase Human Life Span and China Unveils New Laser Weapon On State Television.

Both are actually kinda cool. The drug is one that’s actually already on the market, albeit only for treating diabetes. But this means that they’re already doing human trials. Who knows, in ten years, maybe this drug will be on the open market for the general public. The drug is supposed to combat degeneration in the body from natural age as well as some diseases. And that’s awesome.

Tests on animals have also pointed out that the drug extends their lifespan and keeps the whole body healthier.

And then, of course, there are the lasers. Are we happy that China has them? Debatable. But don’t worry, the US has them too. It doesn’t look just like Star Wars, but it’s all still pretty cool.

Here’s a video of a laser weapons system working:

Long story short, we’re edging towards the day when you’ll live forever if you’re not killed (by lasers).

But who am I to talk? I just had lasers used on me to fix my eyes. Big shout out to Vivid Laser Centre!