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Hi readers,

So I found a really sweet article and video at (you guess it) IFLS.

Y’know, just in case you were curious what it looks like inside your mouth/throat when you sing.

For those of you who’ve never taken singing lessons, a good teacher will typically give you an idea of what’s going on internally so that you know what to (try to) do to improve your vocal performance. Even so, there’s a difference between knowing in theory and seeing it. So thank you, scientists at Freiburg Institute for Musician’s Medicine, for this one.

On a related note, last weekend, I got to go see a performance by the choir I used to be a member of, the Spectrum Singers. They’re pretty frickin’ fantastic. If you’re in Kelowna, definitely try to catch their performances: usually at St. Michael’s in December and May. The videos aren’t up on YouTube yet, but they usually do upload them after a bit (here’s to hoping!) But if you want a taste now, check out the video below from back when I sang with them.

Flowers O’ The Forest (that’s me!)