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I am thrilled to announce that the ducklings are back, and as adorable as ever. There were, in fact, two separate groups. I shall call them the Itsy Bitsy Group and the Fluffily Adorable Group. Both groups were down in the pond and the creek that run near my house. Having seen these precious little babies last year, my fiance and I have been going on walks solely to see them again this year.

We saw the Itsy Bitsy Group first:
itsy bitsy ducklings so squee
They were definitely the younger group, so tiny and squee! But they were a little shy, so this is as close as we could get:
baby birds, water fowl ducks
There’s no feeding the ducks in this area, which I do understand, even if I would love to lure them closer.

On our way back, the trail runs alongside the creek, and we got up-close and personal with some more ducklings! These were far less shy, although they kept a weather eye on us.
mallard ducklings with mama duck
Just floatin'
So cute!

Now we’re just waiting for the quail to hatch their ridiculously tiny offspring. Nothing like some darting, fluffy pinballs to make your day!

So, dear readers, which baby animals do you like to go out and *squee* at?