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So this weekend, I attended WANACon! WANA stands for We Are Not Alone, and it’s a community of writers online. WANACon is an online conference (the second so far) that I attended last year, and then again this year. Want to know how awesome it was? Here’s a sample from the little social (PajamaCon) session that kicked it off. According to Gry (another attendee), this is Danish humor:

The next day there were TONS of talks – not as much infodumping as I recall from the first one (which I actually rather liked) but tons of interesting and engaging speakers. Kristen Lamb was one of my favorites – I hugely respect her for her work with writers and her writing itself, and she’s an all-around fun person. She summed up Lord of the Rings as a story where an evil ring needs to be thrown into an evil volcano before darkness covers the world. …It’s strangely accurate, however humorous. If you’re a writer, her blog is a must read. She also has a book out that’s extremely helpful, I recommend it.

The second conference day was awesome too. The idea of writing a unicorn horror story even came up at one point (I’d read it). One presenter talked about websites. It inspired me to tweak mine, but it also admittedly made me feel a little insecure about it and wish I had money to throw at a website designer. Alas, more money is going out than coming in at the moment. *sigh* One day… Anyways, I got a couple of those infodump sessions I was looking for this day too. Hurray!

In other news, I found an editor! I sent her my short story, so hopefully everything goes well! I’m very excited… and nervous. Regardless, this means the short story should be up soon! I will, of course, make an announcement and link to it the moment it’s up. :D

And finally, my scalemail costume has been coming along nicely. I work on this project on and off (more off than on, most times). Here are the update pics:
front back

That is all.